Empire State of Mind

Adding Commercial Inspections to your company

April 17, 2023 Matt Williams
Empire State of Mind
Adding Commercial Inspections to your company
Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of our podcast. Today we have Rob Claus, a seasoned commercial inspector with several decades of experience. In this episode, we will discuss how  inspection companies can expand their services to include commercial inspections.

Who is Rob Clauss?
Rob Claus introduces himself and his background in commercial inspections. He shares how he started his career in residential inspections but quickly grew into doing commercial inspections and his experience in the industry.

What are commercial inspections?
Rob Claus explains what commercial inspections are, how they differ from home inspections, and the types of properties that are typically inspected. He also shares the benefits of adding commercial inspections to a home inspection company’s services.

How to add commercial inspections to your home inspection company?
Rob Claus gives practical advice on how to add commercial inspections to an existing home inspection business. He shares the steps involved in the process, the equipment needed, and the certifications and training required.

Marketing and growing your commercial inspection business
Rob discusses how to market and grow a commercial inspection business. He shares effective marketing strategies, how to price services, and how to network and build relationships with potential clients.

Challenges of commercial inspections
Rob talks about some of the challenges involved in commercial inspections, such as the complexity of the inspections, the need for specialized equipment, and the importance of having a good understanding of building styles and regulations.

We hope you found this episode informative and helpful. If you’re thinking about adding commercial inspections to your home inspection business, make sure to do your research and get the proper training and certifications. It’s a great way to expand your services and grow your business. Thank you for tuning in!

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